What kind of security camera do I need?

When it comes to home or business security there is nothing better than a quality camera system to guard you and your family from harm. The technology available is truly astounding today, and camera systems can be set up to give you a remote view of practically anything and anywhere that you desire.

When you first set out to purchase a security camera system one of the questions that you will face is what type of camera to purchase. There are quite a few brands to be sure, but there are also 3 basic types of cameras and you need to know a bit about before you can make a decision.

A ‘regular’ of fixed focal length security camera has a fixed-focus, meaning that the focal point will always be the same no matter where you place it. You will need to set it up just right and, once it’s set, it won’t move and will always show the same exact area. While any camera is certainly better than nothing at all, a fixed focal length security camera is the most basic and the least adaptable.

varifocal security camera goes one step further, in as much as the lens focus can be changed to either widen or shorten the focus area that you want to see. These can be changed manually as often as you like, so that if you want to see more of your living room, for example, you can. If you want to see a more specific area of the same room you just need to re-focus the camera, much the same as you would do with your regular film camera.

Finally there’s the pan tilt zoom camera, or PTZ. A PTZ camera is the most adjustable of all three types, in that it can ‘pan’ (sweep side to side) ‘tilt’ (go up and down) and also ‘zoom’, or focus in tightly on a subject or area. PTZ cameras are usually controlled by a ‘joystick’ like you would find with a video game, and the user sees the results on a computer screen.  A PTZ camera gives the very best flexibility of all 3 types but is also the most expensive.

So there you have the differences between the 3 types of security camera.  Their prices will go up as their features go up, as with most electronics, and so you must also take that into consideration when buying your security system. Good luck.

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