Three Different Types of Home Security You Should Consider Installing

There are many different security systems you can consider for your home.

Access Entry Security

Common in home security systems, access entry security utilizes a control box, typically found near one or more of a home’s commonly used doors. Password protected, this control box enables a homeowner to activate and deactivate various components of an alarm at will. Turn on your motion detectors and access control when you leave the house, turn it off when you get home, and turn it on again at night if you so wish. As an extra security measure, you can link this alarm system to a security control center, and have security personnel or law enforcement officials at your home within minutes of your security being breached.



As video recording technology has advanced and the cost of equipment declined, home video surveillance has increased in popularity. Video monitoring provides homeowners with considerable peace of mind, largely because smart technology allows them to access live security footage from their cell phones while they are on vacation or at the office. When you initiate video monitoring as part of your home’s security system, the company who has secured your home is likely to give you a placard or yard sign that you can display out front of your home. Many burglars are deterred from breaking into a home when they know it is being monitored by video surveillance. With video monitoring in place, you can also keep an eye on any housekeepers or home improvement professionals who may carry out work in your home when you’re not there.


Physical Security

While high-tech security systems have greatly expanded the scope of home security, they are not a substitute for high quality physical security infrastructure. Ensure that your home’s locks are well-made, install dead bolts on primary entry/exit doors, and prioritize security when selecting windows for your home as well. Once you have fortified your home’s physical security infrastructure, you should consult a home security expert to discuss enhancing your home’s security with an alarm or video monitoring system.


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