January 8, 2013

Residential Surveillance

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]our home is the most precious property in your life.  Whether you’re keeping an eye on your house while at work or when you’re away on vacation, GBT’s surveillance systems offer invaluable ways to monitor and secure your property.



What GBT’s surveillance systems do for your business can also be done for your home or apartment. Monitor your entryway, children’s bedrooms or even the backyard pool. Whatever the area in question may be, you’ll be able to see any dangers or threats live — and that extra time may make all the difference.


Crime will always be an issue, wherever you live in South Texas. But from Laredo to South Padre Island, GBT is there for the Rio Grande Valley’s security needs. Every home along the Texas-Mexico border, from the midtown neighborhoods of McAllen or Corpus Christi to the high-end suburbs of Mission or Sharyland, is vulnerable to burglary. And rural properties, such as ranches in Rio Grande City, Hebbronville, McCook, Kingsville or Zapata, are even more prone because of their physical isolation.


Let us equip your place of residence, your second home, your weekend retreat or your condo on the beach with all the tools you’ll need to secure it properly  — surveillance cameras mounted to your roof or hidden along the exterior, or night-vision cameras that can catch thieves even under the cover of darkness. And we’ll make it so that you can receive the footage from the camera(s) on your cell phone. Based on your needs, we can design a surveillance system that can include:

  • Baby Monitor Video
  • DVR Security Systems
  • Indoor Security Cameras
  • Outdoor Security Cameras
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Dummy Cameras
  • Mini/Spy Cameras
  • Monitors/LCDs/Plasmas
  • Hidden/Nanny Cameras
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Car Security Cameras

TX LIC #: B18386

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