Pay at the Pump with SMS

The highly competitive convenience store industry requires an intuitive pay at the pump experience.  C-store retailers must separate from the crowd by offering innovative features at the pump.  LOC Store Management Suite brings the best customer experience possible to the pump.  Now you can extend loyalty strategy to the pump and cross market between in-store and the pump island.


  • Accept any debit, credit, or fleet card at the pump
  • Accept gift cards at the pump
  • Use prepaid cards with SMS native server at the pump
  • Prepaid vouchers can be scanned at the pump
  • Multiple prepay vouchers can be scanned and combined
  • Loyalty cards can be swiped or scanned at the pump
  • Loyalty points can come from point vouchers
  • Printed coupons can be scanned at the pump
  • Multiple point vouchers can be scanned and combined
  • Use customer cards, with credit limit verification, at the pump
  • Customers can have discounted prices specified in their account
  • Customer card can be swiped to get discount and pay inside
  • Unlimited prices triggered by customer
  • Roll back fuel prices based on multiple triggers
  • Roll back prices on point redemption
  • All electronic coupons usable on fuel
  • Support for cash acceptor
  • Print remaining balance from cash acceptor as a prepaid voucher
  • Pump application is customizable
  • Unlimited programmable ads displayed at the pump
  • Display different ads based on paying at the pump versus inside

PAP Controller

  • Controller used to close bank batch
  • Reprint pump receipts
  • Access to PAP controller from any POS
  • Auto retry on offline pre-auth completions
  • Set the pump online/offline in case of hardware failure
  • Set the cash acceptor online/offline in case of hardware failure

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