McAllen Surveillance Camera Recording Quality

One question we get asked quite a bit is, what is the recording security camera resolution. Surveillance camera resolutions vary quite a bit form 380 lines to 720 lines. The higher the resolution the clearer the image. A 720 line camera is very similar in quality to the new digital channels being broadcasted over the air.

What can you expect with higher resolution cameras?

The more resolution your camera supports the more detail you can see. For a business that can be very important.  Details such as license plates, dollar bills, faces and merchandise are clearer with a 720 line camera versus a standard resolution camera.

How much does a high resolution camera cost?

480 line camera.  A high resolution camera is typically more expensive than a standard resolution camera. The exact cost is hard to say since many cameras now include features such as different sensor types, night vision cabilities, WDR, varifocal lenses,  or other advance functionality. All these features add tot he cameras cost. With the advancement of technology the price has gone down over the years. A 720 line surveillance system is priced about the same as what a low resolution surveillance system was about three years ago.

Some of the different resolutions available D1/ CIF / QCIF

– 704×480 (TV)
– 720×480 (DVD-Video)

– 704×480

– 704×240

CIF (Common Intermediate Format)
– 352×240

QCIF (Quarter Common Intermediate Format)
– 176×120


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