Future POS payment options on point of sale systems in McAllen bars and restaurants

Paydiant QR code on front endWill 2013 be the year of mobile payments?

Research from eMarketer Inc. indicates that mobile payment transactions will reach $640 million in the new year. As customers begin to reach for their smartphones rather than their wallets, retailers and restaurants are seeking price effective alternatives to the traditional pay-at-the-counter methods. At the point-of-sale, it has become a priority to provide merchants with access to mobile payment applications and technologies that they can implement with minimal cost and time investment.

Future POS customers already have the option to use the software’s integration to Tabbedout, a smartphone app that allows end users to securely open, view and pay their tabs. Now with the latest version of Future POS software, Fusion v5.0.93.0, merchants will have even more options when it comes to incorporating mobile payments by integrating to two additional technologies – LevelUp and Paydiant.

LevelUp Interface

Future Fusion now includes an interface to LevelUp for mobile payments. Customers can simply download the free LevelUp app for iPhone or Android, link their credit or debit card to receive the LevelUp QR code and then scan the code at the POS terminal to pay. This can be done using a 2D barcode scanner.

If a customer doesn’t have an iPhone or Android, they can visit TheLevelUp.com on their phone’s browser to access their code. For non-smartphone users, a physical LevelUp card is also available for free, making this a useful payment method for all restaurant guests.


LevelUp Image LevelUp diagramHow LevelUp works

LevelUp features 0% payment processing fees, and it also includes co-marketing opportunities and a suite of campaigns that allow business owners to attract and retain customers. With the Customer Acquisition Campaign, operators can attract new customers with a one-time incentive. Or, with the Loyalty Campaign, operators can engage existing customers by offering a reward for spending a designated amount.

When a new customer visits a restaurant using LevelUp, they’ll automatically receive a few dollars towards their purchase. These rewards continue to increase as customers keep coming back, driving loyalty. But, what if you already have a customer loyalty program in place? LevelUp recommends the following options:

Pilot Option: Restaurants can continue to run their existing loyalty program, in addition to using LevelUp. Only LevelUp users will receive the rewards associated with the app, and customers will only be able to benefit from one loyalty program per transaction.

Full Transition Option: Operators can provide existing members of their old loyalty program with a LevelUp credit equivalent to their current rewards balance. After explaining the new program and offering a transitional grace period, customers can be gradually switched to LevelUp.

For more detailed information about LevelUp and its POS integration, visit their Support forum


Paydiant Interface

The new version of Future Fusion also integrates with Paydiant, a cloud-based mobile wallet and payment platform. Paydiant is unique, because it is the “only mobile wallet and mobile payment platform that works with existing payment instruments including PIN debit, credit, signature debit, and prepaid cards.”

So, how exactly does Paydiant work with Future POS? When the cashier or server goes to settle a check, he or she will select Paydiant as the media type. This will cause a OR code to appear. Next, the customer will need to use their smartphone to scan the Paydiant QR code on a handheld device or a digital signage screen in order to complete the payment transaction.


Paydiant QR code on front end

With this white label payment alternative, operators can incorporate the mobile platform into their current apps without relying on intermediaries. The result? A seamless transaction that doesn’t shift focus away from the business’s brand. Paydiant outlines 5 benefits of utilizing their contactless mobile payments for retailers/merchants:

1. Offer a branded mobile wallet within a current mobile app

2. Avoid costly investments in POS hardware updates or new mobile devices

3. Reduce payment processing costs

4. Generate revenue through targeted mobile advertising/offers

5. Increase security and reduce fraud


With these two payment networks, Future POS provides restaurant operators with new opportunities for branding and loyalty, and it offers end customers yet another way to enhance their overall experience while dining out.


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Image Credits: LevelUp