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Pittsburgh Restaurant Week LogoIn an effort to support the local restaurant community, Future POS, Inc. is sponsoring the Winter 2013 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, to be held January 14-20, 2013. With over 50 participating restaurants, the week-long event offers Pittsburgh-area diners the chance to experience the best bites in the burgh.

After sponsoring the Summer 2012 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, Future POS, Inc. has decided to continue its involvement by once again contributing to the festivities, and the winter celebration promises to help diners ring in 2013 with some delicious dishes. The theme was deemed “New Dishes for the New Year” in response to an online poll conducted on the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week website, which revealed that over 55% of restaurant week diners plan to visit a new restaurant in Pittsburgh.

If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly restaurant week entails, here is a brief rundown. Local restaurants ranging from casual take-out to fine dining offer discounted lunch and/or dinner menus. For Pittsburgh Restaurant Week in particular, restaurants can offer diners a three-course prix-fixe meal or a $20.13 special.

The event commences with an official kickoff party during which attendees can taste free samples, browse menus, make reservations and participate in charity raffles that support the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and Garfield Community Farm. During the week, food bloggers are invited to a special dinner where they can gain special insights on the behind-the-scenes action from a restaurant chef. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week also features a final wrap-up party for restaurant owners and sponsors.

Anyone who is interested in visiting a participating restaurant can visit the event’s website to preview special menus being offered. The online list indicates if a restaurant is featuring a new dish or wine pairings, is BYOB or is a “Buy Fresh Buy Local” member. Visitors can also check to see if the restaurant offers online reservations through OpenTable.

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Kickoff PartyThe week of dining out is a favorite among food enthusiasts, and many of the restaurateurs go all out in order to get the most out of the promotion. One of our own restaurant installs, Bocktown Beer and Grille, is a seasoned participant of Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, and it celebrates the semi-annual event with its “Where Beer Meets Grill,” a tapas and beer pairing experience that features their “Buy Fresh Buy Local” partners and craft beers.

Restaurant weeks are a great way for cities to highlight their dining culture and to recognize the efforts of local restaurateurs. Both new and old establishments benefit from the influx of customers who are eager to expand their taste buds and to try some inspired cuisine. In order to make the most out of the foodie fete, Pittsburgh Restaurant Week offers the following suggestions:

  • Make reservations early, and don’t forget to mention Pittsburgh Restaurant Week.
  • Learn more about participating restaurants by reading over reviews and menus beforehand.
  • Verify that the restaurant you plan on visiting offers the promotional special at both and lunch and dinner to ensure you get the discounted price.


Image Credits: Pittsburgh Restaurant Week