Direct Store Delivery (DSD) with SMS



Few elements of retail operation affect a store more than DSD methodology. Consider research conducted by Neilson. DSD items comprise almost one quarter of all unit sales, while these same items deliver over half of retail profit dollars in grocery. DSD processes and procedures are a cornerstone for profitability in grocery.


Controlling DSD processes is just as important as controlling the front end. SMS provides the tools to manage documents throughout the entire process flow, including buying, receiving, returning, and reporting. Similarly, SMS provides the management tools you require to effectively leverage vendor deals.

• Better manage vendor deals

• Ensure accuracy throughout the process

• Import inventory from third parties

• Manually adjust inventory

• Count inventory with an RF device

• Create documents on the floor on the fly

• Add tax, shipping, and label fees via RF

• Deduct returns, allowances, discounts, & rebates via RF



Managing back door processes is just as important, even moreso with DSD vendors. SMS provides the tools necessary to implement inspection controls for DSD receiving and returns processes.

• Deploy integrated purchasing, receiving, and billing processes

• Compare purchases with vendor delivery documentation

• Submit audited receiving documentation to payables

• Balance return allowances and credits


Over and understocked inventory deteriorates margin. Smarter tools can help retailers prevent stock issues before they happen. The SMS purchasing module presents necessary information required to make purchasing decisions.

• Inventory on hand and committed

• Cost with allowance and rebates

• Weekly buying, selling, and adjustments

It’s time you put technology to work for you. Buy, manage, and sell better. Save time. Save money. Grow your business.


Designed based on input from experienced buyers,SMS allows multiple methods for intelligent suggested reordering, including:

• Minimum – suggests list under specified minimum quantity

• Back to Maximum – suggests list under preferred maximum quantity

• Cover Shortages – suggests list to cover sales order shortages

• Since Last Order – suggests list based on items sold since last PO

• Based on Sales – suggests list based on items sold in given period

• Based on Purchasing – suggests list based on purchases from given period

• Based on Forecast – suggests list to cover entered forecasts

• Minimum Vendor Order – suggests list

SMS also helps manage multiple suppliers for the same items. These tools ensure retailers make purchasing decisions based on the best possible pricing information


Inventory management is a complex, yet essential element to better control. SMS provides multiple options for counting and maintaining inventory. Files can be imported from a third party, or your employees can count inventory with a mobile computer. SMS inventory screens provide inventory count and adjustments features, while displaying a real picture of the effects on inventory valuation at cost and retail. Timing inventory counts is no longer a concern. SMS allows inventory counts or adjustment anytime, allows changing the inventory date, then recalculates inventory valuation up to the minute.


• Inventory count & adjustment

• Variance on cost & retail calculations

• Reason codes for adjustments

• Transfer items between store or departments

• Multiple search capabilities

• Suspend & resume inventory counts or adjustments


Billing is made simpler too. Match supplier invoices with information from purchasing, and no longer miss allowances, rebates, or discounts. Bill backs are also recorded, allowing debit notes to be printed directly within SMS. MODULE SPECIFICATIONS

• Expected delivery

• Item report for open PO’s

• Vendor access controlled by buyer

• Shipping via vendor when different from supplier

• Global discounts & item discounts

• Configurable back order life by vendor by item

• Multiple search options for items

• Real time analysis of sales, receiving, adjustments, & inventory, all while ordering

• Average of last 4 to 10 weeks of sales on screen

• Purchasing history on screen

• Best deal available on screen

• Order by case, unit, or weight

• Allowances, discounts, & rebates on/off invoice in either % or $

• Generate retail or sale prices based on discount

• Comments available by item

• Track every document by user

• Quick list of open documents

• Auto generate PO’s from sales orders

• Receive from list of PO’s

• Receive from list of back ordered items

• Maintain items from receiving screen

• Up to 4 different bill backs

• Export to payable software

• Edit receiving or inventory information on screen

• Document transfer between stores or HQ & stores

• Export documents in many formats, including XML

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