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STORE MANAGEMENT SUITE is a complete set of applications for independent convenience stores, from single to multi-store chain environments

THE SUITE For over 20 years, LOC Software has delivered solutions designed to integrate retail operations from the point of transaction to the ledger. Thousands of store owners use Store Management Suite (SMS) to serve customers, analyze data, and manage daily business in an efficient manner.Utilizing latest technology standards, SMS is an open solution that protects your investment today and prepares your business for the future. […]

Future POS featured in Bar Rescue

 As many tavern and taproom aficionados can confirm, running a bar is no small feat, and Spike TV’s hit reality series, Bar Rescue, sheds some light on the blood, sweat and tears that go into the day-to-day operations. The show’s premise? To provide audiences with a front row seat as nightlife industry expert Jon Taffer transforms struggling bars by schooling owners and managers in “the science of the perfect pour, to the height of the bar stools.”

How Happy is Your Happy Hour? Revive Your Profits with POS Technology


Restaurants have long embraced happy hour as a means of attracting business during non-peak hours. By incorporating special food and drink discounts into their normal menu offerings, restaurateurs can capture a lively and profitable post-work rush. Using your POS software and strategic promotional tactics, there are a lot of possibilities for establishing your restaurant as the popular working class meet-up. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere –is your happy hour bringing in sales?



5 Money-Saving Tricks Using Your POS System

Whether it’s in the retail or hospitality field or classified as a corporation or mom and pop, businesses of all types present owners and entrepreneurs with one common challenge: to identify ways to save money. While profits are often the make or break factor, another critical part of the equation is to ensure that assets aren’t being mindlessly distributed.



Mobile Apps for your bar or restaurant with Future POS Rio Grande Dealers

Cruise ShipRecent research from the National Restaurant Association (NRA) indicates that 44% of table-service restaurant goers would use tableside payment methods, and 50% would utilize smartphone apps to view menus. Currently, however, less than 10% of table-service restaurants are taking advantage of mobile or tableside options. Why the disconnect?

Whether it’s due to a fear of change or a lack of awareness, many restaurateurs have yet to experience the benefits of mobile technology as it relates to their business operations. But before you try to convince yourself that the mobile app ship has sailed, you may want to listen in on some industry buzz. […]

5 Useful Tips for Handling Large Groups at Your Restaurant McAllen Point of Sale

Crowded restaurantIf you’ve ever witnessed a restaurant server take on a large dinner party, you’ve likely looked with pity as he or she anxiously nods to the needy pleas for highchairs, inconvenient seating arrangements, drink refills and split checks. Fortunately, if managed correctly, large groups can be great for business. If your restaurant establishes a reputation for being a great place for large groups to eat, you’ll add to your customer base and increase sales.  […]

Adding To-Go Orders to Your Restaurant Business


Curbside Pickup. Carryout. Takeout. To Go.  Regardless of what you call it, the concept of picking up your meal and consuming it in the comfort of your own home has provided today’s restaurateurs with an added revenue stream. Customers are looking for restaurant options that extend beyond the typical dine-in experience, and the modern carryout meal does just that. No longer is the “to-go” option reserved for the neighborhood pizza shop and the popular Chinese joint; well-known chains and full-scale dining establishments are incorporating dine-in/carryout alternatives.




Security Cameras McAllen

Many people don’t understand the benefits that are possible through the use of a reliable and trusted security system. However, security monitoring systems are extremely beneficial and can improve the security of any home. If your home is unprotected then your family and your property are at risk. Many people simply assume that they can call the police in the case of an emergency, but this is not always possible or effective. Therefore, security systems are a form of assurance that will offer you peace of mind and security that is needed. Your family is the most important thing in your world and they should be protected at all times. Therefore, a security camera package is the best solution to the threat of intrusion. A security camera for your home is necessary and beneficial. […]

Spy techonlogy mini camera

[three-forth] We offer a variety of mini spy cameras that operate via a battery. Since these small cameras could be powered by batteries it makes placing them a lot easier. Call us today for more information. 956-581-5911 We are available for security camera installations anywhere in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV)  McAllen, Mission, Harlingen or[…]