Store Managment Suite Back Office

Store Management Suite is a complete set of applications that extends IBM SurePOS ACE functionality through the back office to a centralized HQ and beyond.

For over 20 years, LOC Software has delivered solutions designed to integrate retail operations from the point of transaction to the ledger. Thousands of store owners use Store Management Suite (SMS) to serve customers, analyze data, and manage daily business in an efficient manner. Utilizing latest technology standards, SMS is an open solution that compliments your SurePOS ACE investment today and prepares your business for the future.

The foundation of SMS is rooted in solid, proven industry standards designed to offer the protection you require and the flexibility you demand. Our system is a client to Microsoft’s SQL database engine. This architecture ensures undeniable reliability, a robust feature set, and speed. Our concept of a toolbox allows the system to be personalized without changing the source code. Customization has never been easier, nor more stable. Now you too can have a solid store management system designed around your unique needs.

Whether you are looking for advanced promotional capabilities, better reporting tools, or more complete inventory control, SMS is the system for you. Our suite provides a cost effective, upgradeable solution capable of growing as your needs change.
Supermarket and grocery retailers no longer need multiple systems to meet their many business needs. SMS is tailored to interact directly with SurePOS ACE, in one seamless interface that is fast and flexible, safe and easy to use. From powerful merchandising & inventory control, fully integrated loyalty, multi-store management, and much more, SMS provides the tools. It’s time you put technology to work for you. Buy, manage, and sell better. Save time. Save money. Grow your business.

An Integrated Solution for Retailers STORE MANAGEMENT SUITE BACK OFFICE & HOST An Integrated Solution for Retailers SMS FOR IBM SurePOS ACE OFFERS
• Security & Peace of Mind: Fully PCI compliant, certified with both PCI DSS & Visa PABP
• Back Office Management: Full-featured item maintenance including movement analysis & ability to track profitability by category
• Inventory Control: Reliable inventory control system providing receiving & cost of goods management
• Merchandising & Promotions Management: Unparalleled sale & promotional options offering virtually unlimited combinations
• Price Optimization: Advanced analytics that are easy to use & designed to guide pricing decisions while maximizing profitability
• Forecasting: Utilize past movement or events to predict sales & trends, while comparing to sales at anytime
• Purchasing & Receiving Management: Electronically order, receive & update inventory
• DSD: Efficiently manage delivery receiving, verification, & billing processes
• Loyalty: Maintain customer profiles via integrated frequent shopper, manage gift cards, deliver electronic coupons during or after the transaction
• Labor Management: Full-featured time management module
• Integrated Shelf Management & Label Printing: Manage product location, plus print signs & labels individually or in bulk directly from item maintenance
• Mobile Inventory & Item Management: Perfect for inventory management & price changes
• Kiosk & Price Checker: Verify price, customer points, balance & promotions
• Physical Security: Review transactions live or recorded from the back office
• Warehouse Management: Efficiently manage ordering & shipping processes
• Centralized Reporting & Price Updates: Create efficiencies through centralized summaries, reporting, & price management
• Scale Integration: Prevent pricing errors by accurately distributing prices between POS & department scales

LOC SMS Back Office Brochure

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