January 8, 2013

Commercial Surveillance

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]our business is your most important asset — protecting it should be your top priority. From guarding against employee theft to preventing burglars from accessing your store, GBT’s surveillance systems offer invaluable ways to monitor and secure your property.



Don’t let thieves or even your own employees walk away with what’s rightfully yours. Not only can surveillance cameras monitor your premises for burglars and vandals — when focused on your registers, they can even make sure your cashiers are keeping their transactions honest and accurate.

With a GBT surveillance system, you’ll be able to:

  • Detect cash register theft and/or fraud
  • View data from your cash register or POS system from any computer
  • Record video and transactions on your POS
  • Provide evidence of fraud in a court of law via video footage
  • Compare data to video footage to identify fraud or other crimes


Our surveillance systems put you behind the cameras, wherever they may be. GBT can configure your system to transmit live footage from your camera or cameras right to your PC or even your mobile device.

For example, one of our clients is a meat market owner with locations in Harlingen, Weslaco and Brownsville — but he lives more than an hour away in Starr County. He still remembers the days when he would drive back and forth on Expressway 83 constantly, going between his businesses in Cameron County and Hidalgo County and his family home in Roma, worried that one of his properties would be broken in to.

Now, each of his markets in the Rio Grande Valley is equipped with a GBT surveillance system that lets him check in on things remotely, save on gas and travel expenses and spend more time with his family.


GBT can set up your cameras where you need them most — the exterior perimeter, the front end, the safe, etc. — and show you how to access these streams from a single location.  Convenience stores, car washes, fast food chains, retail outlets, liquor stores — no matter what kind of business you own, your property needs the protection GBT can provide.


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